Thai toolkit links



  • Thai Pod 101
    • Thai Pod 101 offers short audio and video lessons starting from consonants, vowel, tones, absolute beginner listening practice and basic writing.
  • Read Thai in 10 Days by Bingo-Lingo
    • This book is a fantastic introduction to reading and writing Thai. It beautifully and logically explains Thai language in ways that make sense to English speakers.



  • Learn Thai with Mod
    • The 2 ladies in this video, Mod and Pear, also have their own website Their accessible YouTube videos are in English and explain different aspects of Thai language. The videos cover conversations, useful phrases, commonly confused words, pronunciation practices, etc. The conversation videos first run without subtitles, then with subtitles and explanations.
  • Thai Talk with Paddy
    • For listening practice.
    • Paddy is a Sydney-based Australian man who learned Thai in Thailand and is determined to keep practising his Thai by interacting with Thai people at every opportunity. This is a series of videos following his Thai language adventure in Sydney. All the videos have English subtitles.
  • thai2english
    • This dictionary is good for Thai sentence searches. It breaks the sentences up into individual words and gives both the pronunciation and the meaning.



  • Read and Write by Office of the Royal Society of Thailand
    • Read and Write is a two-in-one mobile dictionary Android app featuring pronunciation and spelling manuals from the Royal Institute.
  • SBS Thai
  • Voice of America Thai