CHL Flagship Program 2021

In 2019, the School of Culture History & Language at ANU launched its first-ever flagship program. The aim of this program was to bring together members of our school who hone a wide range of disciplinary and area expertise in order to explore a number of key issues such as:  

  1. Leading the way for engagement with Asia and the Pacific  
  2. Transforming our understanding of the lifeways of people and populations in our region; 
  3. Help future-proof the nation by serving as a partner and essential resource for all who focus on Asia and the Pacific.  

Since 2019, there are four projects have gone onto receive funding from the school. These projects have now become an integral part of our annual academic year. They showcase the innovative and approaches we are exploring, be it in the field of language learning, trans disciplinary research, decolonising the academy or the challenges of the Anthropocene (pollution). 

In 2021, CHL is proud to continue the dialogue and exchange of knowledge and ideas through its four ongoing flagship projects.