Culture and Language Education

CALE is an evolving hub of resources and research to support the innovative study of the languages and cultures of Asia and the Pacific. This platform fosters and shares specialised knowledge to enhance digital language learning and cultural engagement with the peoples of this region.

The website is designed to benefit educators, scholars and students of all levels. Resources include a library of events and recorded discussions on topical challenges and innovative practices in language and culture education; toolkits to support language learning and teaching; and eLearning exercises for less commonly taught languages.


Engaging Asia and the Pacific

The Asian and Pacific region is a site of increasing importance in contemporary global affairs, be they social, political, environmental or otherwise. By fostering deep knowledge of Asia and the Pacific through a platform for language and culture education, CALE seeks to promote opportunities and practices for engaging in and with this dynamic and diverse region at a critical time in its history.


The School of Culture, History &Language

CALE a project of the School of Culture, History & Language (CHL, or the School) at the Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific. CHL stands alone in Australia as the premier institution for learning, engagement and immersion in a unique range of languages and cultures from Asia and the Pacific.

The expertise showcased here and at the School covers many Asian and Pacific languages less commonly taught in Australia or elsewhere, as well as major and classical languages of the region.

The study, teaching and valuing of Asian and Pacific languages at the School underpins the cultural knowledge and expertise of our scholars and is core to the values and identity of our community. Discover more about CHL here.