A SYMPOSIUM ON “Multilingualism, culture-language maintenance and education in Asia and the Pacific”

18, 19, and 25 November 2021

This online symposium is to bring together professionals and academics to discuss the complex dynamics of multicultural/multilingual regions and countries in Asia and the Pacific. Issues of multiculturalism/multilingualism have been of long-standing theoretical and empirical interest across different disciplines. We are interested in the socio-cultural-historical-political-economic-educational dimensions and challenges that they pose in the modern context in Asia and the Pacific, which straddle across intertwined themes such inter-ethnic relations, peace and harmony, indigenous minority rights, culture-language interrelation, culture-language maintenance, language and education policy, and local/regional ethnolinguistic economic vitality. We invite abstracts that examine issues in these topics from particular disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspectives. We welcome case studies or comparative studies focusing on specific regions or countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Invited speakers


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  • The full program of the symposium can be viewed/downloaded here.


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